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Our tips to submitting your app to Google Play store successfully

Here are a few recommendations that we think will be useful when submitting your app to the Google Play Store. 

Please note: this is not a tutorial on making your Google Play store submission. If you need detailed instructions, we recommend you see Google’s own documentation. However, based on our experience submitting apps we have a few suggestions that could help you submit your app quickly and successfully. If you need help with anything not mentioned, please do reach out to and we are happy to talk you through it!


To submit your app to the Google Play store you will need to log in with your account at

Once there you can click “Create Application” to start the submission process.

From there, follow the steps one by one in the Google Play Console website. If you get lost at any point, Google provides extensive documentation along the way or check back here for our recommendations.

Store listing

App default language

Our apps by default are in English (United Kingdom), we recommend you choose this option so that you don’t encounter any problems during the review phase (however you’ll be happy to know that we are working on supporting other languages in the future!)


At the moment you will have to manually take your screenshots from Studio (or your device) and upload them here.

Hi-res icon

Use the same app icon you used in your app build in Studio.


We recommend you use Business as the category of your app, but if your app falls into a better category, go ahead and choose it.

Pricing & Distribution

This application is

Choose if you want the app to be paid or free, we recommend it to be Free to drive more engagement and keep your users happy.

Contains ads

Fliplet apps doesn’t contain ads by default, unless you added ads to your app with a custom feature, then we recommend selecting No, it has no ads.

Marketing opt-out

We recommend you not to tick this option, because this means that your app can be promoted outside Google Play and other Google properties.

App releases
Here we recommend you choose Manage Production, but if you want your app to be Alpha or Beta tested, then choose accordingly.

APKs to add

This is where you upload the app binary file that we have prepared for you.

In Studio, click on Download the app binary file and upload it here. If it’s not ready yet, check the status of your app build in our status bar.    

If you have questions with regards to the app binary file feel free to reach out to the Customer Success team at

What's new in this release?

In between the <en-GB> </en-GB> write your release notes. Feel free to be creative with them or just create a list of top features in your app.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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