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How to set up live polling in your app

You can create a live polling feature in Fliplet Studio. To set this up, we’ll need to use a couple of different screens and components, and link them together. It sounds like an advanced feature, but it’s actually a pretty quick setup and can bring a lot of value to your app!

We’ll need two different screens:

  1. A Form to capture the data

  2. A Chart that will display the data

First screen - the form builder:

  1. Add the form builder to your screen. If you need help with this, please read this support article about how to configure the form  

  2. Add your question - it can be a single or multiple choice question

  3. Go into the Settings for your form. Here you’ll need to make sure to send all data to a data source. We will use this data source to link to the chart component and display the answers

  4. If you want the user to see the result straight away, choose to take the user to another screen once the form has been submitted. Here, we’d want to set the screen to the screen that has the chart component

Second screen - the chart: 

  1. Add a chart component to your screen. If you want more information about how to set up a chart please read this article 

  2. Choose the data source that the form is using  

  3. In the settings of your chart, it’s important that you have configured the following options correctly: 

    • How do you want your data to be plotted? You will need this to be set to Summarise my data

    • Do you want to automatically get new data? This box needs to be ticked, as this is the settings that allow for the polling to be ‘live’

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