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How to send push notifications

Sending a push notification will enable you to send a message that will pop up on your user's mobile device. You can send them at any time and users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

You will be able to create, send, and manage your push notifications directly in Fliplet Studio if you have you’ve enabled your app to do so. If you need help with setting this up, we’ve got articles guiding you through the process for your iOS, Android, and Windows apps.   

How to send your push notification: 

1. Go to the Launch checklist in Fliplet Studio and choose Push Notifications in the menu on the left-hand side 


2. This is where you’ll send and manage your push settings, and you’ll also be able to see reports of how effective your message was 

3. Send your notification - this is where you will write your message and send your push message. Before you send can preview what your push message will look like in the device preview, just below the ‘Send notification’ button. 

4. Click on Reports and you will be able to see some information around your latest push messages. This report will tell you: 

  • Date and time it was sent  

  • Number of recipients 

  • Number of notifications accepted for delivery

  • Total number sent

  • Message content

5. Go into the Push Interface tab you will be able to set the message that will popup the first time the app is launched to ask the user to allow the app to send push notifications (they have the option to accept or decline). 

  •  We’ve added a template message that will pop up on all apps first time they are used, but you have the option to customise the message here.

Please note that this feature only works in live apps, so you will have to publish the app in order to test the push messages. No push notifications will work in Fliplet Viewer. 

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