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How to use My Apps Tab

A guide to the home page in Fliplet Studio

The My Apps Tab is the first thing you’ll encounter when you’ve logged into Fliplet Studio. It is from this page that you will be able to manage your account settings as well as carry out many other vital functions. 


What can you do from this page?

  • Browse all of your apps- This is a list of all the apps that you have built and the ones that your colleagues have given you access to. From this page, you can access options of your apps if you click on the drop down menu underneath each app.

  • Create new app - this is where you click when you are ready to start building a new app or if you want to start using a template. 

  • Manage app data - this is where you store and capture all the data from your app. 

  • File manager - this is the place where you upload and sort all of your files and content that you want to include in the app (i.e images or PDFs). All users from an organisation can access Organisation folders and edit its content or you can make it private. 

  • Your account - manage your account and set a new password

  • Manage organisation - add new users, set or change users access level. 

    • Note: this is for admins only

Note: At the bottom right corner, you can access our live messaging feature. This is available throughout all pages in Fliplet Studio in case you need any assistance with your app.

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