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How to build a Form

An introduction to the Form Builder component in Fliplet Studio


A good way to capture data in an app would be the form builder component. It's perfect for creating a questionnaire or an enquiry form. The form builder’s best feature is that you can capture the data entered into the form, in both an email and a data sheet.


The form builder offers you the ability to create your own form from scratch (blank) or work from our Enquiry template. Whichever you choose, you will have the ability to build your form however you want.

What you can do with a Form

(This is what you’ll see in Fliplet Studio when you are building your form.)

Available fields to choose from for your form:

  • Text inputs - allow the user to write down their answer. Choose from:  
  • Text input
  • Email input
  • Multiple line input

Multiple choices - pre-edit the answers and let a user choose.

  • Select box
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice

Files - let the user upload a file to the form. Choose from:

  • Image upload
  • Attach a file

Formatting - this is for adding text to your form:

  • Title
  • Paragraph
  • Line breaker

Buttons are the Final actions for the form. There’s a submit button and a clear form button which is optional.

Once you’re happy with the foundation of your form, we also provide additional features to help you personalise your form. Your options include the following:

  1. Give your form a name
  2. Choose if you want to allow ‘restore progress’ - enabling the user to come back to the form at a later stage without losing any data
  3. Allowing the form to be submitted when device is offline as well as online
  4. Choose how you want to receive the data from the form. Your options are:
  5. Save the data in a data source - then you also have to specify the data source
  6. Automatically send an email via Fliplet - this option will need you to Configure the email, i.e set recipient, title and message.
  7. Generate an email on the device - will open the user’s email app. You will be able to configure the email and set recipient, title and message
  8. Choose what will happen once the form has been submitted:
  9. Take user to another screen within the app
  10. Show a confirmation message that the form was submitted successfully. For this option, you would be able to customise it in this box by typing your message within the <2> </2> parameter, as shown in the image below. This message is also pre-filled in so you don’t need to change anything if you don’t want.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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