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Account permissions for Version 1 of Fliplet Studio

How you can control who has access to your app and what they can do with that access.

We understand that you want to control who has access to your apps. And we also understand that you might not want Steve from accounting to be able to edit your app too!

As a result, Fliplet has 3 levels of permission for normal users plus administrator accounts. The 3 permission levels are: 

  1. Viewer
  2. Editor 
  3. Publisher

You set someone's permissions based on individual apps only. Every user will be able to create, edit and publish their own apps to Fliplet Viewer. 

Administrator Accounts

The first user in any account is automatically given administrator permissions. That means that they have overarching control over all users and apps created with Fliplet. 

The administrators are the user whom Fliplet deem the owners of the account. They have the ability to authorise public apps, updates to existing apps and make decisions on behalf of the business. 

Administrators can:

  • Create/delete users 
  • Control user permissions to all applications
  • Create/Delete apps 
  • Edit/publish all apps in the account

Administrative users are controlled by Fliplet - you will need to contact Customer Success to have another user added as an administrator. 


The lowest level of permission for an app. The user will only be able to view the app in Fliplet Viewer - they will not have access to the app via Fliplet Studio. 


App editors can view the app in Fliplet Viewer and also make changes to the app in Fliplet Studio. Editors are not able to publish updates to the app. 


Publishers have full access to the app - they can view, edit and publish.

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